An Auckland Home That’s Perfect for Summer and Winter!

Auckland residents who are considering house renovations should look ahead on the calendar and consider their options for design. Designing a home for Auckland’s variable weather takes planning, and only a thoughtful design can ensure a great home design for all seasons.

To get started, we’re going to give you a few tips and show you what’s possible.

A Design for All Seasons – the Basics

Depending on your design needs, there are some basic considerations for all-season designs:

  1. Insulation: Insulation ensures lower energy costs and improves interior and exterior comfort. If you have an outdoor area, you can use a combination of modern outdoor roofing and insulated enclosures to create an effective indoor/outdoor space.
  1. Amenities: Do you want walk-in wardrobes, cladding, re-cladding, or custom-designed interiors with features like a Jacuzzi, for example? These amenities are excellent ideas, but will also need to be integrated with your existing design.
  1. Alfresco areas: If you’re looking at an exterior design with an alfresco area, you’ll be interested to know that you can have an all-season outdoor dining and entertainment area [link to blog 1]. The most important issue is to focus on essential comforts, built into your design.

What a Professional Can Do for You

Modern interior design is a real science, but thanks to CAD design and a whole new generation of talented experts, there are no real limits. Modern home design and construction can achieve impressive results that perfectly match your vision.

You’ll obviously have a lot of ideas about extensions, exterior renovations, and perhaps even the cost of adding a second story to a house. To achieve the perfect all-seasons home design, it’s a good idea to have a meeting of the minds with your designers first.

The earlier we get involved the sooner we can help develop your ideas, have your project mapped out and prepare you fully for your new build or renovation. Being experienced with building and renovating residential homes we are open to giving you advice and offer suggestions that will help your project run smoothly and could save you time and money. No matter what stage you are at we are always happy to hear from you.

This is also an excellent opportunity to explore new design options, manage your budget, and even save some money.

  • Tell your designer what you want to spend: They will be able to create a design that meets your needs and your budget. See how far your renovations budget can go; you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  • Talk about on-site issues and needs: All homes are different; each has its own individual issues and requirements. Your builder will be able to assist with problem-solving, technical guidance, and practical solutions.
  • Home upgrades: If you have an older home that is in desperate need of modernisation, it’s a good idea to speak to your designer about the future needs of the premises. For example, you can consider upgrading to a smart home or installing new electronic systems and features. These improvements can be incorporated into your overall renovations.
  • Extensions: Like other renovations, extensions may involve on-site issues, budget considerations, and, of course, integration with home systems and exterior design. Your designers will be able to assist with custom designs and practical solutions.

Looking for Expert Advice in Auckland?

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