Bold Property Ideas for Green Living in Auckland

Are you looking at green living ideas for a new home, property extensions or renovations in Auckland? Before you get started, here is a word of advice – Planning is critical.

The best approach to your green living options is thorough, meticulous planning and above all, accurate costing.

The Best of Green Living

The best green living options aren’t just sustainable – they’re a major positive for both the environment and your quality of life. The fundamentals of sustainable design are fairly straightforward, but they’re important to get right:

  • Solar power: Solar power is a carbon-friendly energy saver and a very useful way of saving money on your energy costs. Installing solar requires a clear understanding of a system’s potential and how it works. Talk to your builders about solar options and learn the essentials of how to make this very environmentally friendly option work for your home. You could add a solar pool, enjoy a swim, and help the environment, too. You can do a lot with solar, so check out what’s possible.
  • Rainwater tanks: Rainwater tanks can have a very positive impact on your water costs. A combination of strong guttering and good tank capacity can deliver hundreds or thousands of litres of valuable extra water to your home. Ask your home builders about the best way to install rainwater tanks to take advantage. By learning how to get the most out of your rainwater, you can find answers to a whole range of water needs.
  • Insulation: Modern insulation can save you a fortune in summer and winter, simply by cutting energy costs. The good news for homeowners is that modern insulation, particularly roof insulation, is a lot cheaper and a lot more efficient than its predecessors. Explore this option and be prepared for some pleasant surprises – expect better costs and improved interior insulation!
  • Recycling garden waste: Recycling is the most basic, environmentally efficient approach to gardening. You can get some great mulch, improve the soil in your garden, and avoid wasting valuable organic materials. Plan your garden recycling carefully – by placing your compost bin and compost turner in the perfect place, you’ll also save yourself some hard gardening work.
  • Awnings and sun shades: In summer, your home can get a blast of glare and heat that can do some serious interior damage. Sunlight can bleach carpets, destroy fabrics, and damage interior spaces. You can also find yourself spending a fortune on air conditioning if you’re not well insulated. Awnings and sun shades are the clean green option for managing light and glare without adding power costs and carbon emissions.

Looking at Green Living Design Choices in Auckland?

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