A building plan being reviewed

Your Guide to Building Consents in Auckland

When planning your new home or renovation in Auckland, it’s crucial to ensure you get permission from the local council in the form of a building consent before you get started. However, this process can be daunting and confusing if you haven’t done it before.

Check out our general guide below to help you get your head around the process.

Applying for a Building Consent

When planning a project in Auckland, you usually can’t start any physical work until your building consent application is approved. Save time and money by ensuring your application is thorough and complete. Your building consent will become the plan everyone has to follow, so it should be accurate and easy to understand.

It’s important to understand the application requirements and the Building Code, as well as being able to show exactly how your project will comply. The information is available on the Auckland council website; however, it can be easier to get help from a professional such as your builder, project manager or a council representative.

Processing and Inspections

The Auckland council usually takes about 20 days to process your application, but it may take longer if your application is incomplete in any way. Once you receive an approved building consent, it’s important to be aware of your responsibility to arrange inspections during the construction. When you decide to go with Next Level Construct, we look after the booking of inspections

During this inspection, a council representative will come to ensure your work complies with the conditions of your building consent. At Next Level Construct, we create a timeline for the whole project and book inspections and are on site to speak with the inspectors and address any concerns there and then

There are many types of inspections that are carried out, depending on the type of work you’re undertaking. Some of the more common types include:

• Foundation inspection
• Concrete floor slab inspection
• Framing inspection
• Cladding inspection
• Plumbing inspection
• Draining inspection
• Residential/commercial final inspection

The full list of types of inspections can be found on the Auckland council website.

Certifications and Compliance

After you get your building consent, it’s your responsibility to certify completed work and ensure that systems and processes on site continue to meet council standards. Your original application for building consent should contain a guide and schedule to help you meet compliance requirements throughout the project. At Next Level Construct, we look after the whole process of following up and getting certificates from the sub-contractors

Once your project is complete, it’s important to ensure you are issued with a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC). This states that the council is satisfied with the finished product and that you complied with your original building consent. To request a CCC, you need to go through the local council and provide all details and supporting documents for your build. Your builder or local council representative can help you with this. Once awarded, the hard work is done and you can enjoy your new home!

Next Level Construct makes building your new home a breeze. From building consents to a beautiful finished product, give us a call today.