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Resource Consents: Your Ultimate How-To Guide

One common hurdle people face when planning a new build or major renovation is gaining resource consent from the local council. The sooner you apply for resource consent, the better. You don’t want to have to delay your build while waiting for approval! However, it can be a difficult and confusing process.

This is your ultimate guide on how to prepare and lodge your application and what to do when you get the results.

Step One: Prepare Your Application

Your first port of call is to gather the information you need. Your builder and local council can help you with this. Visit the council website to get all the relevant application forms. The requirements are different for each and every council, so it’s important to do your research. From there, your preparation will consist of two main sections.

 Prepare an Assessment on Environmental Effects

You need to think about your proposed project and its potential effects on the environment. The key to a successful proposal is to address all environmental risks and suggest strategies that mitigate those risks. Take your time to avoid frustration and setbacks later on.

Consult the People Who Might Be Affected

The council also needs you to consider how your project will affect the people around you and their enjoyment of the environment. Consult people early to get their support for your application. This will also allow you time to address any concerns they may have.

Step Two: Lodge Your Application

When you lodge your application, you will have to pay the relevant council fees. If your application is incomplete, they will reject it and return it to you or request additional information. If your application is complete, it will be classed as non-notified or notified.

If all affected parties have provided written approval and the environmental effects of your proposed project will be minimal, then it is likely your application will not be notified and you won’t have to attend a hearing.

Council Hearings

The council will usually plan a formal hearing for notified applicants. The hearing allows you and any affected partied to explain their views. This can help to resolve issues and clarify your plans to the council. Don’t be afraid to contact your building contractor or local council member for assistance in planning for the hearing.

Step Three: the Decision

You will receive the final outcome of your application in the mail. The time this takes will depend on whether your application was notified or non-notified.

Declined Resource Consents

If declined, you can formally object to the decision and launch an appeal. We suggest you seek professional advice as this can be an expensive and time-consuming process.

Approved Resource Consents

If you have been approved, the letter will entail:

• Any conditions placed on your project
• The reason for the decision
• Whether you need to monitor any ongoing environmental effects
• The expiry date of your resource consent.

Once you receive your resource consent, you can call your building contractors and get started!

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