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The Challenges of Renovating an Existing Property

Are you planning on renovating your existing property? The experience can be exciting, nerve-racking and daunting all at the same time. There are so many variables that have the potential to change your timeline, budget and final outcome. For such a big project, it’s important to think about the challenges and talk them through with your building team.

Keep reading below to find out how you should deal with some common renovation challenges. 

Find the Flow 

The key to a successful renovation is ensuring your new home has natural, indoor and outdoor flow. A house that makes sense will have a greater market value and it will provide a better standard of living for you and your family. However, this is not always as easy as it sounds.

You can’t easily change the existing layout of your home, so you may need to alter your renovation plans to work around the floor plan. While it may feel like a sacrifice to leave the bedrooms where they are or to abandon the big open dining room you were planning, it will pay off in the long run if your home can maintain its natural flow. 

Balance Your Budget 

When considering renovations, it’s important not to over-capitalise. Try not to spend more money on renovations than you are likely to get back if you sell. You can combat this challenge by doing your research. Know the area and how much properties are typically worth. You should also find out what features are desirable in your neighbourhood. This will help you decide whether it’s worth it to sacrifice a bedroom for a home office, or whether to focus on creating an elaborate outdoor entertainment area. 

Making a Match 

This might seem obvious, but it is crucial to ensure that the new matches the old. Depending on how old your existing home is, the structural materials may have changed. In this case, you will need to merge the existing design with your planned renovation. Make sure your builder knows how to address different framing sizes, merge different cladding types and properly side-lap your roof. When it comes to the interior, focusing on little details like ensuring all trim and skirting are the same will make your design look and feel more cohesive. 

Facing the Unknown 

When completing a renovation on an existing property, you need to be prepared for anything to happen. A common cause of unexpected delays and costs is uncovering problems such as structural issues or faulty cladding that could not have been anticipated. Your builder might also come across structural challenges that will take time and money to navigate. You might even have to move out of your home for a period of time during the renovation process. Leave some extra room in your budget and timeline to deal with these unexpected issues.

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