Upgrading Your Property in Auckland for Year Round Outdoor Enjoyment

It’s fair to say that the weather in Auckland can be moody at the best of times. From harsh sunshine to strong rains, we deal with it all, making outdoor entertainment difficult to enjoy.

If you’re looking to renovate your outdoor area, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a lot of options for creating excellent all-year exterior renovations. In this article, we’re going to give you a few pointers, providing some ideas that will deliver year-round outdoor enjoyment.

Protection from Rain and Sun 

First and obviously most important is overhead protection. Modern outdoor roofing is sure to solve this problem for you. LouvreTec roofing is a classic solution, offering wide area coverage combined with a fabulous look and automation to control your outdoor area with ease. LouvreTec offers a truly fantastic range of roofing, including sun roofs and opening roofs, which enhance your space and allow you to adjust your coverage according to the weather.

These roofs are also architecturally a very good move. They can be fitted flush with your building to deliver a seamless outdoor space that fits perfectly with your existing structure.

This is a great option for creating a wonderful enclosed outdoor area, ideal for summer and winter. You can use a LouvreTec roof as a natural outdoor extension of the main house, creating a beautiful patio environment for all seasons. If you have a young family, these roofs are also ideal for creating a nice sheltered play area for the little ones, safe from glare, heat, and cold.

Protection from the Cold

A sheltered space that also protects against the ferocious cold of our winters is a must. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit will deliver a cosy environment for winter, combining a new extension with all the comforts and amenities of added space and excellent heating.

As well as all the cosy days it will provide, a fire pit will also enhance the value of your home and provide a very effective indoor/outdoor design. A talented renovations team will be able to help you maximise the use of your exterior space and provide a workable design to match your budget needs.

Jacuzzis, Heated Pools, and Spa Pools

In the old days, Jacuzzis, heated pools, and spas were real luxuries. These days, they’re must-have features for your outdoor space and they’re quite affordable.

To install any of these features, all that’s required is a good design team. They’ll take care of the technical issues, plumbing and heating connections, and installation needs. Your main task is to decide exactly what you want and how long you plan to soak in your new spa!

Alfresco Dining and Entertaining Areas

There really is nothing like a well-designed modern alfresco area for a great dining and entertaining experience. This is another type of extension that won’t stretch your budget too far. The secret to creating an alfresco area isn’t cost – it’s design!

Achieve an excellent alfresco area by talking to an expert team. Tell your designers what you want and they’ll create a custom site plan, with all your favourite features. It’s that easy!

Looking for Expert Help with Your Exterior Renovations in Auckland?

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