Our Building Process

picture First Initial Contact:

We understand that your time is valuable, so we will promptly phone you to book a no-obligation meeting. In addition, we will send through an email questionnaire for you to complete containing questions that help get us on the same page with the vision you have for your dream home and gives us a background of your project ideas. This ensures our first meeting runs smoothly, efficiently and covers everything.

picture Site Meeting:

We will have a meeting with you at your home to further discuss your project and go through the completed questionnaire in more detail. We ask further questions about any of your specific needs and requirements for the entire duration of the project. At this time we look more extensively at the brief and the scope of work required.

You are more than welcome to bring along any ideas, house plans, section information and any other available information that you would like to discuss. If you don’t have any concept plan’s, don’t worry, we will be more than happy to point you in the direction of an amazing architect that we have worked closely with in the past.

If you already have concept plans drawn up then please skip straight to step 5.

picture Meet and Work with Architect through the Design and Consent Process:

After the site meeting we will have a better understanding of your requirements and visions, so we are able to meet with the architect of your choice to discuss these requirements and ideas. Your chosen architect will design an initial concept plan that fits your requirements. This enables a better visualisation of what your dream home will look like based on your ideas so far.

We always work with the architect whether it be our recommended architect or an architect of your own choosing, throughout the design and consent process so all of us; client, architect and builder, share a mutual understanding of the project.

picture Estimate of Costs Required:

If you're like most people, you'll want to know that the design you pick will be well within your budget. Through an in-depth cost estimation we ensure it happens. Giving you a better idea of what your investment amount will be for your project. Along with cost estimates we start a timeline plan which assists with working out the full costs of the project.

Once you have given the final plans you approval, the architect will lodge them with Council and we will then get started on your fixed price quotation.

picture Fixed Price Quotation:

Now your plans are in council it’s time to put together your detailed final quote. This outlines what your investment is going to be prior to your project commencing. Once you’re happy with the design, timeline and the fixed price quote is agreed upon we start signing off all the relevant paper work and handover your action plan to you so you can stay up to date on the project.

Of course if your build has any unexpected variations that occur and may impact your budget, or you make a change in your requirements, we will promptly update any of the quotes and timelines where necessary and allow you enough time to make your decisions.

picture Sign Contract and Agree Start Date:

Once you are happy with the design and all your requirements have been met, we go through your paperwork to ensure everything is taken care of including the signing of the contract. We will agree on our start date and prepare for construction to commence on creating your dream home.

picture Time Frame:

We start to build your dream home. We offer weekly site meetings with our foreman to thoroughly update you throughout the project. At every stage during the build process you will be up to date. These meetings are a great way for you to understand and see the changes as they happen and watch as your dream home takes shape.

If you desire any variations along the way, we will promptly update corresponding budgets, costs, and timelines. We keep you fully informed so you’re not impended on with unexpected and unforeseen costs during your construction process.

picture Your Dream Home:

You have made the final payment, the construction is complete, the house is thoroughly cleaned, and the keys are handed over, now it’s time for you to move into your dream home. Although the house is completed we will keep in touch and call you further down the track to see if there are any minor issues that we can fix to ensure your dream home is still your dream home.

Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

Our vision it to continue to grow and develop the business; to provide a high quality service that builds to assist our customers in reaching their own desires for their dream home. This will be pursued through abiding to our 4 core values and exceptional building practices and expertise.

Our Values

 An environment of Trust and Honesty that always encourages truthfulness and to let our performance speak for itself and admit our mistakes.

 Belief in ourselves and one another to pursue our mission and projects in accordance with our values.

 Integrity in all situations, whatever the pressures, wherever we may be and no matter the potential consequences.

 Respect for one another, this includes all parties involved with the completion of the construction process, our clients, our staff and our sub-contractors.

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