Who We Are

We are a solid team who work together to ensure your peace of mind throughout your renovation or new build project.
We each pride ourselves on our passion for building, strong morals and an eye for detail; which results in the highest of quality finishes.
As a team we are dependable, you know will definitely get the job done to a high level whether it's working on site or behind the scenes in the office.

Our Office Staff


Marketing Co-Ordinator

Karen and their youngest daughter Lena can be found in the office one day a week.  Together they ensure that our website is current and the information we are sharing with you all is
relevant and up to date.   Karen is supported a lot by Claire who has taken control of the facebook page.  Make sure you are following us to see the progress of your project


Project Manager 

Luke our newest recruit!  We searched high and low to find the right person to fit into our office team; someone that would be able to guide and manage our site staff and work collaboratively with you our clients.   We found him in the Waikato and dragged  him up to the big smoke!  Luke also started his career as a builder and moved into project management a couple of years ago.  His is passionate about quality control and health and safety and he is not afraid to jump on the tools and get his hands dirty when needed.


Office Administrator

Claire came to us on her return from Ireland and has totally changed the way our office runs.  She is an administration and organisational super star! She had  been working in administration for the last 5 years, after completing her degree at the UoA in 2011.  She is here to help and guide you with processing of your contracts, setting you up on our exclusive scheduling software and be that support if you have any non-technical questions along the way.  Her voice,  is the friendly voice you will hear at the end of the line every time  you call.

Our On Site Team


Site Manager - Licensed Building Practitioner 

Phill has 11 years building experience and been part of the next level construct team for 3 and a half years now. Phill originally did his apprenticeship in Pukekohe straight out of high school. He typically enjoys working on high end projects and a stand out was the work he did on a $4.5 million mansion in Epsom, one of his many projects he worked on with Next Level. Other than building Phill’s hobbies include motorsports, cars, engines and the enjoyment of camping in the summer.


Site Manager - Licensed Building Practitioner 

Grant has years’ of experience in the building industry but is one of our newest team members. He is a hard worker, and we are happy to have him as part of our team. 



Matt has been working with us for about 4 years, he has had previous experience working in a timber yard and as a plumber but decided to move to building due to his interest in the trade. Matt has just purchases his first house, so now his weekends will be busy renovating but besides that he enjoys fishing and diving, especially at great barrier island which is his favourite place.  Matt has recently returned from an amazing trip to Europe, where he loved the beer tours in Belgium.


Foreman - Licensed Building Practitioner

Jesse was originally a tyre fitter before moving to Auckland and joining the Next Level Construct team when he was 19 as an apprentice. He has since become a qualified builder and is now working as a foreman.  Jesse loves running his jobs; he is extremely organised and he likes to know every detail.  Jesse’s free time consists of working on cars and fishing on his boat, he is a coastguard member and has required their assistance from time to time...  Not a day goes by without Jesse enjoying a top quality pie for smoko!


Foreman - Licensed Building Practitioner 

Greg has extensive experience in the building industry with up to 14 years’ and has been managing sites for the last 10 years. Greg has worked on a lot of exciting projects both in NZ and overseas, a stand out from his time has been working in Belgravia, London. Greg initially worked for Brendon back in their London days and has recently return to NZ and has been working for Next Level since August 2014. Greg’s completed his first Ironman in Taupo last year and now with all that spare time he is busy planning his wedding!  He also enjoys socialising and rugby; he is an avid Chief’s supporter.


Foreman - Licensed Building Practitioner 

Adam has had 15 years’ experience in the building industry, beginning as a joiner at aged 17. Throughout Adam’s experience he has had a lot of different opportunity’s with the likes of spending a year building in France, converting a barge into a luxury hotel.  Adam has also had a stint in London building which found him working on a lot of bespoke joinery. Outside of building with Next Level, Adam, is renovating his own home in Avondale which he shares with his partner Callie, he enjoys spear fishing and is also a ‘retired’ mountain biker.



Marty has 10 years’ experience in the building industry but is one of our newer team members. Marty’s favourite part of every build he works on is the finishing lines, he loves seeing the final result. He enjoys working hard to achieve a great finished product.  When Marty is not at work he is a busy dad of two, and an avid football fan. His favourite team is the Celtics.



Logan has a number of years building experience and has worked on building projects in both New Zealand and Rarotonga.  A highlight for Logan was the work he did on Riddle Road. He especially enjoyed the relationship he built with the clients while working on this build.  Logan is a social guy, he enjoys going out with friends on the weekends, and cheering on his favourite rugby team, the All Blacks.



Kevy has a few years’ experience in both residential and commercial projects, prior to starting at Next Level Construct. He enjoys working on projects where he gets to see the whole process from start to finish, he gets a great satisfaction of seeing the job done well. Kevy is super sporty, he enjoys watching and playing a variety of sports, including Rugby League, Softball, Baseball, Football and Basketball. His favourite sports teams are the Cronulla Sharks (NRL) and Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA).



James is new to Next Level Construct as well as the workforce, after just finishing High School. He is excited to start learning about the building industry. James enjoys going swimming and fishing, and cheering on his favourite team, the All Blacks.



Mark is originally from Ireland. He did his apprenticeship in Ireland and became fully qualified in 2006. He has 10 years’ experience of carpentry in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. His favourite job so far was when he worked on a house renovation in Coffin Bay, South Australia, from the deck he would often see dolphins in the bay. Mark is always keen to sink a few beers with the boys, he likes going hunting, and loves UFC, and his favourite fighter is Conor McGregor. Mark has also just started training for a triathlon.



Graeme has years’ of experience in the building industry in the UK but is one of our newest team members. He is a hard worker, and we are happy to have him as part of our team. 



Mario has been with the Next Level Construct team for approximately 3 years and has recently gain his full qualification.  He enjoys the great team environment and the boss. He feels he gets a lot out of the job, learning and experiencing new things. When Mario isn’t building he is often found singing for his rock and roll band; Invasion of Piracy and surfing. Mario has one son and a baby girl who keep him busy.




Riccardo is originally from Panama and is one of our newest team members. He has a great sense of humour, and proving to be an asset to our team. 

Our Vision & Values

Brendon founded Next Level Construct with his underlying passion for building and his essential values of trust, honesty, belief, integrity and respect.  To this day these core values are an essential part of our team culture that helps make for a great team environment.  It is an assisting factor as to why Next Level Construct is successful and how we can continue to create high quality builds that makes us stand out from the rest.

Our Vision

Our vision it to continue to grow and develop the business; to provide a high quality service that builds to assist our customers in reaching their own desires for their dream home. This will be pursued through abiding to our 4 core values and exceptional building practices and expertise.

Our Values

 An environment of Trust and Honesty that always encourages truthfulness and to let our performance speak for itself and admit our mistakes.

 Belief in ourselves and one another to pursue our mission and projects in accordance with our values.

 Integrity in all situations, whatever the pressures, wherever we may be and no matter the potential consequences.

 Respect for one another, this includes all parties involved with the completion of the construction process, our clients, our staff and our sub-contractors.

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