How to Transform a Leaky Home with House Renovations

Do you have a home with multiple leaks, constant moisture issues or similar problems?

Building deregulation in the 1990s meant that many homes were built by unregulated builders, leading to leaking issues. The good news is that our licensed builders can solve problem leaks for you and complete your home renovations at the same time.

Next Level Construct is your comprehensive construction company and home renovation expert in Auckland.




No Need to Worry, Next Level Construct Are Here to Help!

How We Fix Your Leaky Home While Renovating

The Next Level Construct team of builders are real experts. We know how to fix leaks, permanently. This is how we do it:

• We’ll systematically track down leaks, sources of leaks and any “collateral damage” to the building.

• We’ll integrate leak prevention and leak management with the renovation work.

• We’ll thoroughly seal and waterproof affected areas.

• If leaks extend beyond the area to be renovated, we'll give you a very clear, easy-to-understand picture of your leak issues and solutions. You’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision about managing leaks on a straightforward basis.

Our Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs) can carry out any work that needs doing. (See more about our team here: Next Level Construct building team.)

Top Quality Renovations

When you hire Next Level Construct, you should expect the finest expertise and the highest standards of work. The only quality standard we accept is the very best.

Next Level Construct offers an all-work guarantee on your interior and exterior renovations. We’re Registered Master Builders, so we can also give you the 10-year Master Build Guarantee, too.

Ask Us for Help with All the Difficult Issues

We’re here to help our clients solve problems and achieve their goals. It doesn’t matter how difficult the problems are. We have the solutions. We’ll make sure you have all the information you need, with proper, clearly defined costs to get your renovations done.

Check out one of our case studies… Weatherly Road

Close Front view

Just after the site had been cleared before any building had begun

 Upon the very first site visit it was clear there was going to be a challenge ahead, the site was covered in dense bush that made it near to impossible to even make it onto the site. Along with the dense bush the site had an additional feature of a stream running along the very back edge of the property. Although a unique element for a home, it was clear site stabilisation and flood levels were going to be a major construction issue.


Initial stages of framing
Preparing piles for structural work






The next step was to begin ground works, one of the biggest challenges of this project.  20 piles were to be drilled 7.5 meters deep to stabalise the site as it was an overland flood path.  Timbre poles and braces were put in so we could being the construction of the timbre sub floor. 


Long horizontal watertanks were installed due to the restrictions of the site
Long horizontal watertanks were installed due to the restrictions of the site


Once the ground works were complete and the team had something to work with they got started on the timbre work which included laying the sub-flooring and then standing the timbre framework on top. At the same time the drilling took place to install the horizontal water tank system. 


The roof is on and the windows and external doors are going in
The roof is on and the windows and external doors are going in






Timbre roof rafters were craned in and placed on-top of the frames so the roof could be installed. 3 velux's were built into the roof to add natural light to internal spaces.  Once the roof was installed the building was wrapped with building paper to assist with weather tightness and the windows and bi-fold doors were installed.  


The team working on the exterior cladding
The team working on the exterior cladding

As the builders got busy on the exterior of the house putting on the weather boards, the inside was filled with the sub-contractors coming in to begin the fit-out of plumbing, electrical and insulation.  

The next big step was to get all the Gib plaster board fixed and stopped so the skirtings and architraves could be installed and the painters could begin not only internally but externally as well. 

Now is when the exciting stuff begins for the clients, all their selections begin to show up on site, tiles were installed, bathrooms fitted off, kitchen goes in, carpets and curtains are done and the landscaping and driveways will be underway. 

Finally the code of compliance was issued and the keys were handed over to the happy homeowners 


Deck, kitchen, dining
Bi-fold doors were used to create a seamless indoor outdoor flow
Kitchen, entrance
Modern kitchen with butlers pantry


What we offer you?

Here at Next Level Construct Ltd. we understand and have seen first hand that every project is unique and have their own requirements, so through our experiences we have learnt to be flexible and have the ability to 'think outside the box' when approaching different and new projects.  We have a couple of points that help every one of our New Builds become success stories.

  • We have our very own 999 point checklist that we strictly adhere to with every one of our new build projects.  This checklist is so thorough it breaks down each part of the new build ensuring every little detail is covered throughout the entire duration of your building process.  This guarantees you that all workmanship on your new build is of highest quality and meets all industry standards
  • We have our very own project scheduling system that gives you detailed breakdown of each stage of your new build from start to finish.  Our exclusive software has so many benefits that our previous clients each rave about how the system has been useful for the success of their own building process. 

Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

Our vision it to continue to grow and develop the business and to provide a higher quality service that builds to assist the Auckland region in reaching their own desires for their dream home. This will be pursued through abiding to our 4 core values and exceptional building practices and expertise.

Our Values

An environment of Trust and Honesty that always encourages truthfulness and to let our performance speak for itself and admit our mistakes

 Belief in ourselves and one another to pursue our mission and projects in accordance with our values

 Integrity in all situations, whatever the pressures, wherever we may be and no matter the potential consequences

 Respect for one another, this includes all parties involved with the completion of the construction process, our clients, our staff and our sub-contractors.

Our Process

There are a lot of daunting aspects that can come along with completing your dream architectural new build project.  One of those is knowing where, when and how to start your build without overlooking all the crucial elements.  Here at Next Level Construct Ltd. we realise every project is unique and every client will have their own set of needs and requirements.  That is why we have put together these 8 easy steps to a building success, ensuring for a smooth building experience.


Step 1: Initial Contact


Step 4: Estimate of costs required


buildersStep 7: Time Frame


client looking at plans with Brendon

Step 2: Site meeting

close up of client meetingStep 5: Fixed price quotation


img_8519-hdr_1Step 8: Your dream home


close up of plans

Step 3: Work with architect

client meetingStep 6: Sign contract and agree start date


To read the complete 8 easy steps to building with us go to our Building Process page click here...

Why Choose Us?

High Quality Finish and Build
We take pride in every one of our projects so you can rest assured that no matter what the project is we undergo we will finish all to the highest of quality. We have our very own 999 point quality assurance checklist that ensures no details are missed when completing any of our projects.


Our Guarantee
Our exclusive Next Level Construct Guarantee has the purpose to promise you we are a hard working company you can trust will get the job done to the highest of quality and the best of our ability.  With integrity and trust being a part of our team values you can stay at ease knowing we have your best interest at heart. 


Clear & Concise Communication
We offer weekly onsite progress meetings to allow you to experience your build right from the very beginning to the end of your building process. Along with this we have our very own scheduling software that contains all information and updates on your very own project, this is accessible 24/7. Therefore you will never miss a beat when it comes to your project details and any deadlines.


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