Why Build When You Can Upgrade a Property with Good Bones?

In the building trade, “good bones” means “good structure” and it’s a great thing to have if you’re looking to upgrade your property. Homes with good bones generally retain their value and are very cost-effective in terms of renovations and extensions.

Many older buildings are excellent for this purpose. They may be old, but their structures can support anything you want to add or any type of renovations. These buildings were designed to take heavy loads and they can handle just about all your modern building needs.

Good bones also mean very strong supports and that means no expensive structural issues to worry about. A house with good bones can literally save you a fortune in this respect.

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How to Navigate Building Difficulties

From Boundary Disputes to Second Story Building

The innocent-looking, understated phrase “building difficulties” hides a whole range of possible issues and frustrations for new home builders.

These are the problems that can sabotage a building project and it’s best to be prepared for them. Better still, you need to know how to fix them. We’re going to give you an overview of some of the most common problems and fixes when it comes to new builds, extensions or renovations.

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