Why Build When You Can Upgrade a Property with Good Bones?

In the building trade, “good bones” means “good structure” and it’s a great thing to have if you’re looking to upgrade your property. Homes with good bones generally retain their value and are very cost-effective in terms of renovations and extensions.

Many older buildings are excellent for this purpose. They may be old, but their structures can support anything you want to add or any type of renovations. These buildings were designed to take heavy loads and they can handle just about all your modern building needs.

Good bones also mean very strong supports and that means no expensive structural issues to worry about. A house with good bones can literally save you a fortune in this respect.

Designing a Home with Good Bones

Many builders, architects and designers will tell you that good bones are a license for good design. They’ll also tell you that you can save plenty of money with a good structure already in place. Structure is a significant cost, particularly in new buildings. If you don’t have to worry about structural costs, your budget is definitely going to go a lot further.

These are a few of the basic building and design advantages for homes with good bones:

  • Large scale renovations become a lot simpler, quicker, and cheaper
  • You can create an open plan home, creating a lot more space
  • You can add a deck, or other upper storey features, with no structural issues
  • Your good bones are the ideal support for modern home designs with huge glass frontages
  • You can add an attic or upper-level storage space with ease. Your structure will take the added weight easily

If you’re thinking “Hey, we can do some real value adding here!” your market instincts are in perfect working order. Good bones offer a lot of advantages for homeowners. Whether they are timber or steel frames, they give you license to really upgrade your property potential.

Some people in the market call good bones priceless because there’s not much you can’t do with them. With good bones, good design and a bit of imagination, you have the ideal framework for an expansive, smart property upgrade. You can partition, de-partition, and rebuild inside to your heart’s content.

Buy, Build or Renovate in Auckland? 

From January 2016-January 2017, the average sale price in Auckland climbed 13 per cent. That’s good news for sellers, but not so good if you’re looking to buy. Unfortunately, these trends show no signs of slowing down either, with 41 per cent of Auckland properties selling for more than $1million in March 2017.

On these numbers alone, renovations, extensions or upgrades are clearly a better option. When you consider the added cost-benefits of a property with good bones, renovation becomes an even better choice.

Of course, you could also choose to build from scratch, but with land being the most expensive part of buying and building, this may not work in your favour financially. Besides, a property with good bones often has beautiful heritage structures, villa designs and other architectural wonders. Why would you want to walk away from that?

Want to Have a Lot of Fun Upgrading Home?

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