Meet Brendon Sowerby

 Founder and Director of Next Level Construct


Brendon grew up playing rugby in Feilding. In 2003, he was given the opportunity to travel to the UK to play rugby. In 2004, he travelled the US, also to play rugby. It was while working as a construction labourer to help fund his travels that Brendon found his passion for the construction industry.

Upon his return to New Zealand, Brendon began working as an apprentice builder, however, he had caught the travel bug, so travelled back to the UK where he started a loft conversion company. He learnt a lot from this experience, like how to work to a tight budget and think creatively to maximise client’s spaces.

In 2009, Brendon returned home. After meeting his Australian wife Karen in the UK, they decided to compromise on location and settled in Auckland. In 2010, Brendon and Karen founded Next Level Construct. In 2017, Brendon founded sister company Next Level Joinery with business partner Adam Beswick.

Brendon is a big believer in providing a great service and quality product and believes that communication is the key to an efficient and effective build process and job well done.

Outside of work Brendon enjoys travelling to new destinations and spending time with his wife and four children Indie, Kaise, Lena and Stevie.