Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get fixed price or cost plus margin estimate?

With all the horror stories in the market of estimates and the actual cost of a job being considerably different; we have found the best way to ensure everyone knows what to expect and if they can afford to do their renovation is with an all-inclusive fixed price quote.  With years of experience, and the expertise of our in-house quantity surveyor we are confident that the price we give you is the price you pay. For further information or to request a quote for your new build or renovation contact us directly.

Will I have to move out? If so, for how long?

Every building project is different, at the beginning of your process we will sit down with you to discuss every detail of your requirements.  This includes setting time frames of if or when you will need to move out and for how long.  All considerations are taken into account especially anything involving your safety and the practicality of you living in a ‘construction zone’.  We do all we can to ensure you can live in your home for the majority of the construction process, if not the entire duration.  To see what the options are for your renovation contact us.

How can I keep my project on budget?

At the start of every project you are provided with your schedule and a detailed quote outlining costs throughout your project.  Through our exclusive software you are assured that all costings and your total budget will automatically be kept up to date so you are ensured there will never be any ‘surprises’.   Click here  to read more about software and why you should choose us.

Here at Next Level Construct we understand that unforeseen circumstances can occur and you may want to make changes along the way.  We will always be open and honest with anything that arises and what can be done to keep your project on budget and on time.

Do I get a guarantee?

Yes, with Next Level Construct we have a tailor made guarantee that covers a whole range of areas to lower the stress involved and ensure you can focus on enjoying your building experience whether you are starting a new build or renovating your existing home. Click here to see our guarantee.

On top of our own guarantee we can offer qualifying jobs a 10 year Master Build Guarantee.  These must be applied for and approved prior to starting your project.  For more information check out their website click here

Will I need a building consent from the Council?

Majority of construction work on your residential homes now requires a building consent.  Whether it’s structural additions to your existing home or changing internal layouts, they all require the process of gaining a building consent through the Auckland Council.  Depending on the extent of the project and your land title you may also require a Resource Consent.

If you are unsure what you will need you can find out more information from the Auckland Council Website or arrange a meeting with a Planner at the Auckland Council to discuss your plans initially at no cost to you.  The planner will be able to advise what building consents you may require.  Alternatively feel free to give us a call for a chat about your plans and we can point you in the right direction to get you started!

Do I need a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP)?

This depends on the extent of the project however with the changes to the Building Act in 2012 all ‘restricted building work’ must be completed by a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP).  This ensures the person who will be undertaking the work has been thoroughly assessed and is capable of assuring quality and industry standard work. ‘Restricted building work’ is any work that is critical to the integrity of a building, this involves the building structure, weather tightness, and design or fire safety.  We strongly advice using a LBP for all work undertaken in your home to ensure it is up to standard and done as it should be.  Check out our experienced team of builders.

At what stage do I involve a builder?

The earlier the better!  We can start working with you at any stage.  The earlier we get involved the sooner we can help develop your ideas, have your project mapped out and prepare you fully for your new build or renovation.  Being experienced with building and renovating residential homes we are open to giving you advice and offer suggestions that will help your project run smoothly and could save you time and money.  No matter what stage you are at we are always happy to hear from you. Click here to read more about our building process.

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