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Next Level Construct’s Response to COVID-19

Next Level Construct (NLC) takes health and safety seriously. The health component of health and safety has become a lot more significant since March this year, and NLC has gone above and beyond to ensure that all our staff and visitors remain safe.

We have carefully analysed the instructions given by the Ministry of Health, WorkSafe, and the Construction Industry COVID-19 working group. We needed to make sure that we were happy with the recommendations, and since then we have put measures in place which either meet or exceed all the requirements.

As well as keeping all our people and their families safe, we also need to ensure that in the event that our staff are exposed to COVID-19, there is minimal disruption to the delivery of our clients’ projects. If this happens we will be required to close the affected site, and will not be allowed to reopen until the Ministry of Health has given us permission. To minimise this down time we are collecting as much information as we can to aid in contact tracing. Additionally, our sites will be operating similarly to extended family “bubbles” in alert level 3, with no staff moving between sites. Within the sites, NLC staff will not be working in the same area as any subtrades, will be doing daily sanitisation of common surfaces, and will not be leaving site during the day. While we trust our staff completely, we have been very clear that we will be taking a zero tolerance approach, as we think that this is simply too important to be compromised.

NLC has been able to utilise some strategic resources, in the midst of a global shortage, to secure a healthy supply of PPE and sanitising products for all of our workplaces. This will be available, and mandatory for all site visitors to use when entering and leaving the site.

Because of the measures put in place we are confident that we can safely conduct essential client meetings on site. The last thing our clients want is to be out of touch with progress and decisions on site, so making sure that they can still be involved has been extremely high priority. If our clients choose not to visit site, our Project Managers and Site Managers can still communicate progress, pictures and questions (both ways) using our specialist construction software, designed for exactly this.

Next Level Construct aims to have zero cases of COVID-19. Even if one of our staff contracts COVID-19 from another source, this person can self-isolate, and NLC has the manpower to make sure that the site keeps running with minimal disruption. Moving forward we anticipate that business will return as close to normal as the new restrictions allow. Next Level Construct will continue to meet the same timelines, and deliver projects to our usual high standards.


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